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A special place in one of the world’s most unique sites !

Beyond the ancient wooden door you enter into an enchanting space, where time stands still. Thick walls of tufo stone, exposed wooden beams, brick floors in the local Basaltina stone: all typical characteristics of the historical Viterbo architecture that in thisunique place blend harmoniously with the comforts of our modern day.

A welcoming and open space, wisely divided and equipped with every comfort. Going out onto the large terrace you can then enjoy a full view of the beautiful Valle dei Calanchi.




No matter how many photographs or postcards you have seen and everything you have been told, it remains a breathtaking experience.

When you slowly approach the rock, you can not help but remain speechless for a few moments: the overhanging
Tufo rock, the bridge that seems almost suspended, the ravines behind the small medieval houses.

We are between Orvieto and Viterbo and this is Civita di Bagnoregio, a small oasis 443 metres above sea level.

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Holiday home in the charming Civita di Bagnoregio, a small quaint village that can only be reached across 300-meter bridge.